Shams Al Bawadi

Cleaning Services & Pest Control

Shams al Bawadi is established with a vision to be a unique service provider focusing on the latest technology available in the market and to reduce manpower requirements in areas of services which are riskier and challenging for life. By using latest technology available in the modern world, we wish to offer, safer, faster, economical & quality services to our customers and thereby adding more value for services we provide. We wish to provide all our services without causing any damage to any property, people or the environment and use Eco-Friendly method keeping in mind that, the Earth is not just for the current generation to live on but also for our children and many more generations to come.

SAB takes full responsibility for all entrusted services and manages all activities and

subcontractors as a “Single Point of Contact”.

Our Integrated Services Include:

✓ Deep Cleaning Services.

✓ Pest Control Services

✓ Anti-Termite Treatment’s

✓ Water Storage Tank Cleaning

✓ Annual Cleaning Contracts for Buildings

✓ Internal Villas Cleaning -Monthly & Mobile Team.

✓ External Villas Cleaning- Monthly & Mobile Team.

We train our staff to adopt a service based culture, in full transparency with our Clients.

Our Key Drivers:

Enhancing the life cycle of the installations. Permanent availability of the systems. To overcome any obstacle within the shortest time frame. Customized organization for an optimized service delivery structure. Maintaining the best cost to service ratio in the market. Consistently delivering a quality of service above the market standard. Constant search for innovation and improvement.

SAB operates with a unique approach‚ applying technical and operational insight to a knowledge base in order to deliver an optimized management solution to our clients. Our service delivery principles differentiate us from competitors:

Innovation Safety Experience Flexibility Trust Quality